Unpaid Rest Breaks and Meal Periods

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The attorneys at Jones Law Firm have over 26 years of combined experience representing thousands of employees in Nevada, California, Colorado and New York. They have the skills and knowledge to help you recover compensation from your employer for common labor law violations such as unpaid meal breaks and unpaid break time.

Unpaid meal breaks

Under California employment law, non-exempt employees are entitled to a 30-minute off-duty meal break when working more than five hours. During that break, you must be relieved of all duties. You cannot be expected to be on call, answer the phone or stay at your desk. If your employer does not comply with meal period laws, it is required to give you one hour of pay for each meal period that was not provided.

Unpaid rest breaks

Non-exempt employees are entitled to an off-duty rest break when working more than 4 hours. Your total amount of rest time is based on the total hours you work daily. You must be permitted to take 10 minutes of off-duty rest time for every four hours you work. These authorized rest periods should be counted as hours worked, and you should be paid for each rest break. If your employer fails to comply with California rest period laws, you are entitled to an hour of regular pay for each violation.

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If you and your co-workers have been denied appropriate meal breaks or rest breaks or have other pay disputes, we encourage you to contact us. Your consultation is free and we do not charge attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf.
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