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$2.125 million dollar settlement – Young v. Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.

FINANCIAL SERVICES OVERTIME LITIGATION Summary: A class action complaint was filed on behalf of customer service specialists working for Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. alleging that they were misclassified as exempt employees and wrongfully denied overtime pay. Result: A $2.125 million dollar settlement was agreed to in order to compensate the customer service specialists for their unpaid overtime Read More »

$1.85 million dollar settlement — Major Las Vegas Casino

HOURLY CASINO WORKERS OFF THE CLOCK LITIGATION Summary: A class action complaint against a major Las Vegas Casino alleging that the Casino failed to pay its hourly employees for all hours worked due to an illegal rounding system whereby the casino rounded the clock in and out times both forward and backward to the detriment of the hourly employees. Result: ... Read More »